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Born in Rome on 10 March 1954, he begins his artistic career very early in life. He makes his debut as an actor at 17 in a Beckett’s play, with the direction of Andrea Camilleri. While studying Architecture, he takes his degree in Composition at L’Aquila Conservatorio “A. Casella” and together with other young composers (among whom Giorgio Battistelli, Gianni Trovalusci, Paolo Giuliani) he starts the “Gruppo di Sperimentazione Musical Edgar Varese” (Group of Musical Experimentation Edgar Varese). Marafante’s works are played in concerts in Rome, Milan, Paris and in the RAI(Italian Radio Television) musical season.

At the same time he carries on his acting career with important directors: Luca Ronconi, Enrico Job, Lina Wertmuller. In 1976 he founds the company “Gruppo Teatro G” and signs his first direction. In 1990 “Gruppo Teatro G” will change its name to “Produzione Teatrale La Bilancia”.

Up to now he has directed more than 80 plays, two movies and several shorts, fashion shows, events for cultural exhibitions, screenplays.

Recently he has started a successful career as a playwright, both in Italy and abroad, and he is particularly acclaimed for his plays for children.

Roberto Marafante is a multiforme artist, who has worked also in fields not strictly theatrical.

He taught acting at Saverio Marconi’s “Centro Teatrale San Gallo”; he organised the promotion of “I Promessi Sposi”(The Bethrothed) by Salvatore Nocita for RAI. He co-operated with Brescia Province for the realisation of the exhibition “D’Annunzio e la promozione delle Arti” (D’Annunzio and the Promotion of Arts) at Villa Alba. He was member of the jury for the European pre-selection of the “International Emmy Awards” in the section “fiction TV”.

Thanks to his wide experience, he is considered a kind of expert of the showbusiness in Italy in its artistic, economical and technical aspects.

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  1. Enzo Rendine

    Ciao, vecchio mio. So che verrai nelle mie lande desolate… DEVO ASSOLUTAMENTE VEDERTI !
    ( Ti ricordo che sei nato un giorno solo prima di me…)
    Enzo Rendine.
    (ruggenti anni ’70 di Valle Giulia)
    Un abbraccio. A presto

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